Nobody wants their house to show signs of foundation problems. As a matter of fact, they are the stories of the homeowners which everyone wants to avoid. But while you check the exterior portion of your residential property for larger cracks, signs that you have a problem in your foundation do not often come from the foundation you usually see. However, sometimes your house may be trying to tell the problems of your foundation in more decent ways which you may not actually expect. 

Stuck Windows and Doors 

If windows and doors no longer close smoothly and gently – or at all – foundation problems probably will not be your first suspect. In addition to that, you’re more likely to think of the woods surrounding the frame is warped or swollen instead of just your home manifesting foundation problems. Nevertheless, any time the entryways stop operating as intended, you must be suspicious of your foundation.  

Drywall Cracks 

If the problems of your foundation have progressed enough that you’re manifesting drywall cracks, you have a very serious issue, especially if a very big crack has exhibited. Drywall can somewhat endure very small changes and is flexible however, if it’s cracking, then a major problem in the foundation is affecting it.  

Uneven Floors 

Despite being on the floors, if a few tiles have a raised area or come up in the hardwood, you may not usually look to the foundation however, you should. With that being said, raised flooring does happen for a reason and while it can be a problem with the flooring itself, it is very essential to make sure that it is not an issue with your foundation affecting the floors. 

If your house is showing signs of any of the following innocent issues, you must take a look at your foundation first. Having said that, if problems in your foundation are detected earlier, repair might be able to hold the problem from becoming even worse as well as vastly more expensive to repair. If your house is having potential problems in your foundation, do not hesitate to contact a professional and highly reliable home foundation service provider such as San Antonio Foundation Repair for early inspection and have the problems fixed as soon as possible.  

The following are some of the design trends you need to avoid in order to keep your home’s foundation strong and durable: 

  1. Adding Too Many Features of Concrete Around Your Home’s Perimeter

Watering the soil that surrounds your foundation is a good way to regulate settling. The soil basically expands and contracts so wildly when left to its own devices which you need a means to control the size changes. 

  1. Stone Façade Covers for the Exposed Foundation

Bare concrete is not always a good thing. If you have a paver or brick driveway as well as a flagstone patio, you may be looking for means to eliminate every exposed, visible concrete however, covering it with stone façade tiles is not a viable remedy.